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The disciplines of Physiology and Pharmacology are the interfaces between basic and clinical medicine. Physiology brings forth overall and systematic assessment of basic medical sciences by incorporation of previously learned Anatomy, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Molecular Biology  to render physiological meanings. Pharmacology, on the other hand, is a post-Physiology and specialized application discipline; it is of great clinical importance for students in departments of Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Nursing. By knitting the past and future curricula, the integrated disciplines in Physiology and Pharmacology benefit both basic and clinical teaching and interactions among faculty. The department offers unique cross-disciplinary settings. The departmental faculty join the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences in separate academic groups. With the similar spirit, we wish to investigate various physiological and pharmacological topics from a holistic view: begins with the levels of molecules and genes, through cellular physiological signaling and in vitro biochemical analysis, to ultimately determine the physiological functions and behavioral attributes. Current specialized research fields of the department include: (1) Cancer bioloby and pharmacology; (2) Cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology; (3) Cell Biology and cell tissue engineering; (4) Endocrinology; (5) Mitochondrial Biology; (6) Neuroscience.